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Laleh Rafati

A conceptual modelling approach for value-driven
strategic sourcing

Prof. dr. Geert Poels

Thursday, 25 January 2018


Prof. dr. Patrick Van Kenhove
Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Ghent University

Prof. dr. Geert Poels
Ghent University

Prof. dr. Frederik Gailly
Ghent University

Prof. dr. Ben Roelens
Open University Netherlands

Prof. dr. Jan Verelst
Antwerpen University

Prof. dr. Francesco Polese
Salerno University

Prof. Monica Dragoicea
University Politehnica of Bucharest




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Goodbye and congratulations to Dr. Ben Roelens


UGentMIS wishes to thank Ben for his enthusiastic engagement since October 1, 2011. Ben has accepted a position of Assistant Professor (Universitair Docent) at the Open Universiteit, Heerlen, The Netherlands, and will be affiliated with our team as a parttime voluntary postdoctoral researcher. We wish him all the best with his new career in far-away Holland!

PhD position Business & IT at UGentMIS, Dept. Business Informatics and Operations Management

The UGentMIS research team of the Dept. of Business Informatics and Operations Management will open a PhD position (junior assistant) for research and (limited) teaching in Business & IT (teaching requires mastering of the Dutch language). The candidate is expected to complete a PhD research within 4 – 6 years.

The UGentMIS research team is headed by Prof. Geert Poels, assisted by Prof. Frederik Gaillly (associate professor) and Prof. Amy Van Looy (assistant professor). We are active in the domains of Enterprise Modelling/Architecture and Business Process Management (both from managerial and technological perspectives). The current themes in our research are threefold:

How to ensure that IT delivers business value (with particular emphasis on business (model) innovation through application of emergent technologies)?

How to employ IT to better manage business processes (with particular emphasis on administrative and clinical processes in the healthcare sector)?

How mature are organisations in managing digital innovation in business processes (with particular emphasis on citizen-facing processes in the government sector)?

The UGentMIS professors will help the PhD student to define a PhD research topic related to one of these themes.

Our research approach is pragmatic, encompassing both design-based research and mixed methods research. Reference disciplines include Business/Management/Organisational studies, Computer Science, and Information Systems. The PhD student will be trained (as part of the UGent doctoral training programme) in research methodology and domain-specific topics, and the UGentMIS professors will help the candidate to develop an appropriate research plan.

UGentMIS research is often performed in close collaboration with organisations, like for instance, VDMbee, PwC, ISACA, UZGent, Maria Middelares, Collibra, City of Ghent.

Given the multidisciplinary focus and applied nature of our research bridging business and IT, UGentMIS is actively searching for 2nd Master Business Engineering students (all fields of study) or Master students of Complementary Studies in Business Economics, with a background in engineering or computer science. Expressions of interest by other students (e.g., Computer Science, Informatics, Applied Informatics, Business Informatics, Engineering) of Ghent University or other universities (Flanders and abroad) are welcome.

The PhD position will be opened once one or more suitable candidates have expressed their interest.

If interested, contact me at
or just talk to me when you see me at the Faculty (open door policy).

Kind regards
Prof. dr. Geert Poels


UGentMIS congratulates Nadejda Alkhaldi and supervisor Frederik Gailly for obtaining the joint UGent-VUB doctoral degree in Business Economics

A fine accomplishment of the UGent-VUB Alliance Research Group in Information Systems (UVIS)

Nadejda Alkhaldi

On the Symbioses between Conceptual Modeling and Ontology Engineering: Recommendation-Based Conceptual Modeling

Prof. dr. Wouter Verbeke (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Prof. dr. Frederik Gailly (Ghent University)
Prof. dr. Sven Casteleyn (Universitat Jaume I de Castello)

Friday, 17 November 2017 at 14h30
in Room D.2.18, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels

Public Defense Joint PhD Maria das Graças da Silva Teixeira

Thursday, 17 August Maria das Graças da Silva will defend her joint Phd with a title “Design Process of Conceptual Modeling Language’s concrete syntax based on ontological theories and visualization of information theories” in auditorium of the NTI (Information Technology Center) of the UFES’ campus of Goiabeiras (Vitória-ES).

Prof. dr. Frederik Gailly (Ghent University)
Prof. dr. Giancarlo Guizzardi (Federal University of Espirito Santo – Brazilië)
Prof. dr. Ricardo de Almeida Falbo (Federal University of Espirito Santo – Brazilië)


Prof. dr. Patrick Van Kenhove
Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Ghent University)
Prof. dr. Frederik Gailly (Ghent University)
Prof. dr. Giancarlo Guizzardi (Federal University of Espirito Santo)
Prof. dr. Ricardo de Almeida Falbo (Federal University of Espirito Santo)
Prof. dr. Monalessa Perini Barcellos (Federal University of Espirito Santo)
Prof. dr. Maria Luiza Machado Campo (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
Prof. dr. Geert Poels (Ghent University)
Prof. dr. Amy Van Looy (Ghent University)

Nieuwe onderwerpen masterproeven 2017-2018

De beleidsinformatica onderzoeksgroep stelt een nieuwe reeks van onderwerpen voor masterproeven voor. Deze onderwerpen betreffen de toepassing van Information Systems theorieën, technologieën, methoden, modellen en concepten op actuele vraagstukken, problemen en opportuniteiten betreffende de inzet van ICT in bedrijven en andere typen organisaties. Elk onderwerp is praktijkrelevant en tegelijk vernieuwend met betrekking tot de beleidsinformatica discipline.

Elke collega van de onderzoeksgroep biedt onderwerpen aan omtrent één of meerdere thema’s. Extra onderwerpen en eventueel zelfs extra thema’s zullen in de komende weken/maanden toegevoegd worden. Onderwerpen die toegewezen zijn zullen uit de lijst gehaald worden. Onderstaand overzicht helpt om wegwijs te geraken uit de thematische clusters van de verschillende promotoren:

Dr. Ben Roelens: Strategische afstemming en waardecreatie binnen bedrijfsarchitecturen
Dr. Jan Claes: Cognitieve aspecten en kwaliteit van procesmodellering in het bijzonder en probleemoplossen in het algemeen
Prof. dr. Frederik Gailly: Business Process Modelling & Simulation en BPM toepassingen binnen de gezondheidszorg
Prof. dr. Geert Poels: Impact van emerging technologies en data-driven innovation op het business model en de bedrijfsprocessen en Trends en nieuwe toepassingen van enterprise modelling en Business Process Architecture en Enterprise Architecture

Het overzicht van aangeboden onderwerpen vind je HIER alsook op de Sharepoint site voor de FEB masterproeven (vanaf 5 juli 2017).

UGentMIS co-organises PoEM 2017

Screenshot 2017-06-21 20.35.54

Professors Frederik Gailly and Geert Poels are the program chairs of this years Practice of Enterprise Modeling (PoEM) conference, which is jointly organised with KULeuven. Dr. Ben Roelens is co-chair of the doctoral consortium. We will make something special out of PoEM 2017 as it is its 10th anniversary.

We warmly invite all our UGentMIS colleagues to submit a paper to:
– the main conference (deadline July 31, 2017)
– the doctoral consortium (deadline July 23, 2017)
– the Practicing Open Enterprise Modeling within OMiLAB (PrOse) workshop (deadline August 14, 2017)
– The industry track (deadline September 10, 2017)

For more information on the conference and the calls for papers, click HERE

The authors of the best papers will be invited to extend their paper for submission to a special issue in Business & Information Systems Engineering (2016 ISI Impact Factor 3.392).

We hope to welcome many of our colleagues in Leuven!

UGentMIS at BPM 2017 Barcelona, Spain. September 10-15, 2017


Congratulations to Prof. Amy Van Looy who will represent UGentMIS at the major conference on Business Process Management with two papers accepted for the BPM Forum:

A Quantitative Study Of The Link Between Business Process Management and Digital Innovation.

Elements for Tailoring a BPM Maturity Model to Simplify its Use (with Marie-Therese Christiansson)

For more information on BPM 2017, click HERE