Dissertation Guidelines

Finalizing a master dissertation is not easy. Most student do not known what is expected. And to make things even more complex, the approach also depends on the research domain.

Within the Business Informatics the following books give a general overview of how research is conducted within this domain

Practical guidelines

The FEB master dissertation guidelines can be found on the Ufora site. Next some specific guidelines specific for Business Informatics are listed:

  • In case the master dissertation includes programming, the code should be shared using GitHub.
  • Guidance of the master dissertation can be done by the advisor or a researcher of our research group.
  • When you are interested in a topic, you should contact the contact person for the master dissertation.
  • The intermediate evaluation corresponds with a quality check of the problem statement. Essential parts are problem description, research goals, research methodology and planning.
  • In case your master dissertation is executed in duo, it is allowed to split up the research in parts.
  • Since AY 20-21 a Ufora site is created for every master dissertation. The advisor and the student will decide if this site will be used to share material.