Purpose and Scope

The International Workshop on Ontologies and Conceptual Modelling (OntoCom) concerns the practical and formal application of ontologies to conceptual modelling. While models pervade the information systems lifecycle from requirements to implementation, there appears to be a lack of theoretical foundation in the way that models are developed. As a result it is quite common for practitioners, even working together, to produce different representations of the same real world domain or system. Conversely, a preferred approach would be one in which IS practitioners have the necessary conceptual tools to enable them to accurately represent the things that exist in the real world. Foundational or upper ontologies have the potential to resolve the difficult problems that derive from a lack of a consistent and sound ontological theory. The benefits that can derive from the application of a foundational ontology include improved mapping to the real world domain, increased level of communication and understanding among stakeholders, model reuse, semantic integration and interoperability and increased overall efficiency and effectiveness of information systems development and evolution. OntoCom is intended to be highly interactive and bring together academics and practitioners interested in foundational ontologies and their meta-ontological choices.