UGent VUB Alliance Research Group in Information Systems


    • RESEARCH OBJECTIVE 1: Create an environment where new PhD researchers are guided by a group of researchers which have obtained different competences within the IS domain.
    • RESEARCH OBJECTIVE 2: Creation of the alliance research group should result in the development of high-quality research proposals which can compete both nationally and internationally with research proposals of other IS groups.
    • RESEARCH OBJECTIVE 3: Design science research in IS requires the development of proofs of concept which demonstrate the proposed languages, methods and applications. This essential step in the design science research requires specific capabilities which are not always available in one specific research group. In the future we plan to partly solve this shortage by increasing the involvement of master students in the conducted research by defining research internships which are open for both VUB and UGENT students. These internships will be also available for students from the VUB department of computer science.
    • RESEARCH OBJECTIVE 4: Start-up PhD project with as main subjects enterprise-specific ontology engineering and data mining. The ongoing research of Nadejda Alkhaldi has made it clear that more and more enterprises are developing an enterprise-specific ontology which can support not only the enterprise modeling activities of the enterprise but support also data governance, knowledge representation and enterprise engineering. Currently no methods exist that are specifically focused on enterprise-specific ontology engineering. In this project a method will be proposed that used techniques from the data mining field to extract an ontology from the data that is available in the enterprise. This project will be guided by both Prof. Gailly and Prof. Verbeke. Prof. Gailly will act as an expert in ontology engineering and Prof. Verbeke will guide the research activities that are situated within the data mining field.


  • Geert Poels (UGent)
  • Wouter Verbeke (VUB)
  • Frederik Gailly (UGent)

Research Projects

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